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Last updated – 01/01/2014



N. D. Jeans Engineering Ltd reserves the right to alter product specifications without prior notice. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure all details and images are correct at time of publication we cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions.

Pellet Burner and Pellet Store Cabinet:

The V-Mac Wood Pellet Burner and Pellet Store Cabinet is an economical and easy way of protecting your Wood Burner. The cabinet is comprised of a separate wood burner compartment and wood pellet store.


Wood pellets can easily be augered into the wood burner. There is a removable access hatch on the roof and the back enclosure can be unbolted to provide easy access to the wood burner. The wood pellet compartment has an insulated roof and external walls.



·          Galvanised steel body, mild steel box section frame.

·          Outer walls and roof of the wood pellet storage compartment are insulated.

·          Painted with tempadur 2-pac paint.



·          Weather proof enclosure for wood burner and pellets.

·          Lockable compartments for added security.

·          Pellet Storage area insulated to protect the pellets.

·          Viewing window on pellet storage compartment lets you check usage.

·          Back section of the wood burner compartment unbolts to provide full access.

·          Access panel on burner roof section provides ease of access.

We sell a range of wood pellet stores and enclosures for biomass burners from the V-Mac range.


All items can be delivered anywhere in the UK or collected from our works in Somerset.


Please contact us via the contacts page of our website for more information.

Domestic Pellet Store and Delivery System:

The V-Mac Wood Pellet Store & Delivery System is the ideal solution for storage of wood pellets. With models for 3.5 and 4.5 ton storage capacity the V-Mac Wood Pellet Store is the very best solution for storing bulk purchases of pellets. Its excellent design ensures that not only is it functional it also looks good.


A fully insulated galvanised steel body ensures that your wood pellets are stored in pristine conditions. An integrated delivery system eliminates the need to buy an auger. It stores and delivers the pellets automatically to your boiler’s hopper. With its colour coated shell it also looks great in any surrounding. Both the filler and breather pipe are covered ensuring maximum protection from water contamination. The universal filler pipe connection allows for simple bulk filling from any pellet supplier. Pellets are blown through an internal duct which distributes them in the store evenly.


The double glazed inspection window provides an easy means of checking the level of wood pellets in the store. A built in blast plate protects the Store from overfilling. The delivery auger is connected to your hopper with high & low level sensors to provide an automated solution.


The V-Mac Wood Pellet Store & Delivery System is designed to operate as low maintenance – just the internal auger bearing requires greasing twice a year. All V-Mac Wood Pellet Store & Delivery Systems come with a one year warranty.



·          Only Wood Pellet store with built in delivery system.

·          Fully insulated.

·          Attractive design.

·          Designed specifically to cope with the damp British and Irish climate.

·          Made by experts with over 50 years experience.

Commercial Pellet Store:

We can supply V-Mac silos from 5 - 35 ton capacity as standard and we also have the ability to supply bespoke solutions up to 200 ton capacity.


Our range includes silos enclosed down to the ground - protecting the cone and discharge area - this also provides additional security where the store is in a area of public access.


We can supply partially or fully insulated silos. - The level of insulation required is largely dependent on the physical location of the store and the level of throughput. .


Depending on requirements we can supply and fit silos with complete or partial silo safety elements including; overfilling alarms; pressure relief valves; compressed air jet filters, level indicators and control panels.