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Batch Feeding Systems

Since late 90s we have led the development of the use of flat
rate drop batch feeders in milking parlours. This produces very cost-effective batch feeding systems as it dispenses with the need for traditional complex and expensive parlour feeders.

The system provides a single level of feed for the entire heard and is released by a simple easy to operate hand pull cord located in the pit. This system has proved popular with block calving herds, and to date our largest system is within a 45-per side herring bone parlour.

All feed outlet points have shut off valves which allows individual outlets to be switched on/off depending upon stocking levels. Feed sensors are used to automatically switch the augers off allowing the system to be left unsupervised.

The low friction hand operated pull cord system is operated with a full set of pulleys, each feeder has a pulley mounted on its own bracket to prevent the cord from cutting into the feeder, then there are 2 x 90 degree pulleys that direct the cord into the centre of the parlour and down to the pit for operation.


Conveyor Systems Gallery

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